Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Click on the "play" arrow above to access Kim's summer project! The tech-queen / drama-queen has done it again! Who knows. Maybe she has a future in the movie biz. Perhaps a better title than "Feeling It" would be "Sha-Poopie" which is the song from the production of Music Man that is shouted out pretty often in the background. Enjoy this 3-minute video capturing Kim's fun times and fun friends!

Kimmy is headed into tenth grade at Calvert. The Seneca's volleyball season has just kicked off and Kim looks to be a strong outside hitter. Summer is fleeting fast for this girl! Look out - the learner's license is around the corner! Maybe she can drive herself to the Chris's doughnut shoppe on those early Saturday mornings! (Gotta fill the cream sticks!).

The girl is pretty happy that there finally is a post about KIMMY instead of her sister Katie! Don't worry....when Katie returns from swim camp, I'm sure she will have great stories for the next post this month!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lake Erie Open Water Swim

7:30 on a partly-sunny summer Saturday morning, Kate, Lindsay, and Adam took to the Cedar Point Beach for their first open water swim. The first few photos show Kate and Lindsay lining up, then taking off with around 25 girls in their age group to attach a 2000 meter swim (approx. 1 and 1/4 mile).

The temperature outside hovered around 68 degrees and the water proved to be just a bit warmer. The buoy's were set 500 meters apart so essentially, the girls swam two full laps.

The first lap went pretty well, but the second lap went a bit slower and included a combination of 20-30 freestyle strokes followed by two-three breaststrokes, two "bobs" to bounce off the bottom of the lake, and a dive to swim normally again.

Kate and Lindsay finished 15th and 16th. Since the 6th place finisher's time was around 26 minutes, we estimate the girls finished in around or a little over 30 minutes.

Kate felt the pains of a long distance swim and could barely lift her arm after she finished. Lindsay was fine, and Adam seemed to do much better despite having to swim a greater distance than the girls.

Yes - Adam smam 3000 meters, almost two miles which included 3 laps around the buoys.

A week later, Kate's pains subsided and she was ready to go for the summer season championships. At 11-years-old, there was more excitement for the final day of swim practice where water balloons and squirt gun fights dominate the session!

Stay tune ~ there's a mini-Triathlon at Portage State Park in Akron this September with a 200 meter swim, 7 mile bike ride, and 1 mile run...but that will probably have to wait until next year! One thing is for sure, training with friends can be FUN!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Katie and I attended the Women's Leadership Symposium in Intercollegiate Athletics in May. Here she is holding an Olympic Medal from the Beijing China Games! She is pictured with Laura Lappin, a utility player on the 2008 team and an alternate on the 2004 team in Athens Greece. Below she is pictured with Christine Brennan, a writer for USA Today and broadcaster for ABC and ESPN. '

Finally, pictured below is Katie in downtown showing off her beautiful hand treatment from the LUSH store! What a good shopper Katie has become! We had a great time with a few of our gal pals! We hit the Miracle Mile, went by the Sears Tower, and took a train, cab, and a shuttle!